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Will My Phone Work was created to solve one single problem – How can I find out if a certain cellphone, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device will work with a certain mobile network carrier?

In order to solve this question, I’ve spent months gathering all the necessary information and packaging it up into a simple, no-nonsense website. I’m a mobility enthusiast who usually gets called to family functions so that I can fix that smartphone with poor battery life, or that laptop that keeps on freezing.

One important thing that I want you to know is that although I make every single effort to ensure that the website information is correct, I do not guarantee that the mobile device and carrier search results will be 100% accurate. It is always recommended to double-check what frequency a mobile carrier operates on as well as which frequencies or bands are supported on the mobile device.

I hope that you enjoy the site, please feel free to bookmark us and share this site with your friends, family, and blog!


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“Figuring out whether your phone will work on a different carrier is a pain in the neck for everyone. Finally, finally, someone has stepped up to fix it with WillMyPhoneWork.”

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“Will My Phone Work can be a useful tool not only for travel, but also when it comes to buying and selling used iPhones or other smartphones.”


Business Insider

“iPhone and Android smartphone users looking to find out whether their device will work with various carriers around the world now have a quick way to find out thanks to a handy new website.”

- Business Insider


“Figuring out if — and how — you can use your smartphone while traveling is a huge pain. One website wants to help you out with that.”

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“It’s a really great tool for those that travel a lot and those that buy or use a lot of unlocked phones, like myself.”

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“A new Web service aims to make this transition as swift and painless as possible, and for both switchers and frequent travelers, it’s a one-stop shop.”

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